Home Axle Repaires & Rebuilds Crankcase Repairs Re-boring Road Springs Steering & Road Wheels Contact Links & Legal Vintage Austin Services Austin Seven 2 seat tourer 1932  2 seat tourer Road Wheels rebuilt Steering Wheels and Road Wheels recoated Road Wheels Austin Seven road wheel Rusted road wheels can be shot blasted to remove all traces of old paint and rust. Austin Seven road wheel Cleaned wheels can be rebuilt with new spokes before painting. Austin Seven road wheel In cases where rims are severely rusted, new rims can be supplied. Steering Wheels Austin Seven steering wheel Steering wheels may become damaged or deteriorate due to age. Austin Seven steering wheel Original coating may  crack due to age. Austin Seven steering wheel The restored steering wheel.
Austin Seven road wheel The fully restored wheel, rebuilt and powder coated to provide a durable and high quality finish. Tyre Pressures: Early cars were fitted with 3.50”-19” tyres, later cars were fitted with 4.00”-17” tyres. Recommended pressures are 22 lb/sq.in. front and 26 lb/sq.in. rear if fully laden.