Home Axle Repaires & Rebuilds Crankcase Repairs Re-boring Road Springs Steering & Road Wheels Contact Links & Legal Vintage Austin Services Austin Seven Front hub Austin Seven King Pin Austin Seven front axle This axle eye has been heat treated and shrunk. This process is followed by machining to ensure correct castor and  camber angles. 1933 Box Saloon 1933 Austin Seven
Austin Seven Sports axle Austinm Seven Shackle Dropped Front Axles In addition to carrying out repairs to front axles, Vintage Austin Services adapt standard front axles to Sports Specification. Spring Shackles We remanufacture spring shackles using hardened steel pins, giving them a new lease of life. Back Axles. Vintage Austin Services do not carry out work on back axles, but if you are rebuilding a back axle, setting up crown wheel and pinion, you may find this information helpful.